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JE's Anatomy

A Johnny's Entertainment RPG

JE's Anatomy-Johnny's Entertainment RPG
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j e ' s a n a t o m y

New Skattun Hospital was a grandly designed dream of the owner, whose name no one can seem to remember. Though an
impressive and majestic hospital, it is rumoured to be haunted by various ghosts.

During construction, no less than 4 workers died due to various accidents. One was knocked off the sixth floor
by a fallen beam. Another was found face up in the cement floor. The third was impaled by a swinging support strut.
The last was crushed when a forklift backed over him. Shortly after construction was complete, one of the
investors hanged himself in the basement. These deaths were kept secret and only a few of the staff know the truth.

The hospital has been open for 2 years, and though one nurse mysteriously disappeared a year and a half ago, nothing bad has happened since...

- Check the Claimed List before applying.
- Currently the muse limit is 4. This may go up later.
- People allowed are any JE member (past or present), their male and female co-stars, and drama characters relevant to a JE member
- Tag all your logs with the people involved like this, "log: character name" i.e. log: akanishi jin
- Don't make your muses ridiculous ages. We don't want 17-year-old surgeons running around.
- Keep all drama within the game, no OOC/mun fights please.
- Obviously, no offensive behaviour. No racism, no homophobia, and everyone's happy.
- If you have a patient, at least have a brief idea of what's wrong with them. Don't specify an illness without knowing what it means, same goes for the psych patients (perhaps especially).
- Properly head your logs with the follow:
Location and date:
(Optional) Summary:
All NC-17 logs must be behind a cut, and labelled as such.
- You will have to make a new journal for your character(s) once you are approved, then comment with it before joining. If we don't recognise a journal, we wont accept the attempt to join.
- Don't use netspeak, or we will kill you. You know grammar and punctuation? USE IT. Spell check? USE IT.
- RP logs are to be written in the third person and in past tense. Please write in paragraphs rather than *action points*.
- No godmodding whatsoever.
- Please try to stay in character. e.g. don't make Ueda and Kame into blushing girls.
- Post about hiatuses and character drops in the community, please.
- Try to stay active, or we will warn you. If you don't respond to warnings, your character will be removed from the list.
- You can reserve a character for up to a week. If it extends past that time without you posting an app, your reservation will be lost.
- There will be homosexuality in this rpg. If you don't like it, I suggest you don't get involved. We will not tolerate ridiculous bashing.
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