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Yamashita Reon

[Log] July 7, evening. Psych ward/Reon's room. [Backdated]

Characters: Yamashita Reon, Yamashita Shoon (Well, Hisoka, maybe Keiji)
Location and date: Psych ward, Reon's room. July 7, evening.
Rating: We'll start with PG-13
Warning: Fluffy Incest-ty goodness? And *coughs* whatever else they get up to.
Summary: The boys want to see eachother again. Wish granted!
Status: Incomplete

Reon was staring up at the ceiling. He'd been doing this for several minutes, blinking and frowning in concentration. Every now and then, he'd look down to add minor details to a sketch he was working on. It was almost finished. He just wanted it to be so perfect though.

The boy in the picture looked much like Reon and to anyone who wasn't part of the psych ward in some way would think it was Reon aging himself.

But it wasn't. It was a sketch of Hisoka, someone Reon was silently wishing to see. He was constantly thinking about the other. He'd distracted himself today by sneaking out to his semi-hiding place in the garden. But now he was back in his room, wishing for the other to appear. A lot of the staff gossiped about the two a lot. Hisoka (or Shoon, or Keiji, or whoever was the original personality ) was the only person in the entire ward who could touch Reon without Reon flinching, freaking out, or trying to run away.

In Reon's mind...it was magic.
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