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14 July 2008 @ 08:11 pm
Characters: Tegoshi Yuya, Masuda Takahisa
Location and date: Psych Ward, Amusement park
Rating: G
Summary: Tegoshi gets to go with Massu
Status: Incomplete

The announcement about the trip to the amusement park hadn't excited Tegoshi at first untill Jinko had called him into the office and given him a staff pass that meant Massu would be able to take him. He'd had to promise to be on his very best behaviour but that was a small price to pay to see Massu.
Clutching the pass he waited outside his room having promised to stay there while Jinko called Massu up to the ward to collect him.
14 July 2008 @ 06:25 am
Characters: Kamenashi Kazuya & Akanishi Jin(ko)
Location and date: Psych Ward, then amusement park
Rating: ?
Warning: ?
Summary: Jin takes Kame to the amusement park
Status: incomplete

Jin smiled a little at the thought, he was excited. He loved this. The yearly trip to the amusement park. It was always fun (well, except for that one year). Of course, because it was an outing, he was dressed down for the occasion. And this year, he could finally take one of his patients, instead of someone else's (that's what happens when you get the ones who aren't allowed out). 

He knocked on Kame's door before entering. "Good morning, Kame-chan," he said cheerily.
14 July 2008 @ 06:05 am

Another RP plot device available for all patients and staff: Amusement Park visit. 

Some of the pysch patients and most of the general patients can go. Please keep in mind that they must be accompanied by a staff member. Psych patients, if you're at all at risk, you're not going (you know who you are). It will be a day trip and patients and staff will return to the hospital when they feel unable to continue, or when the day is over. Have fun!

Note that there will be random orderlies wandering around to help out if necessary.

09 July 2008 @ 01:05 am
Characters: Kamenashi Kazuya & Toda Erika
Location and date: Psych Ward --> Out & About - July 12th
Rating: ?
Warning: rational shy kame vs. impulsive sexy kame
Summary: Erika takes Kame on another outing...finally, a chance to talk.
Status: Completed.

Erika checked to make sure her barrettes were in place one more time after washing her hands. She stood in the restroom near the reception area, about to take Kame on his third outing. Why she ended up in charge of it, she wasn't quite sure. But she'd been hoping for this and so was glad.

One final smile in the mirror and that was the best she could do. Uchi's comments on apperance had made her thoughtful...suddenly she wanted to look her best for Kame.

She returned to the reception area, sat down on a bench, and waited for Kame to come out of the elevator. (At least she was early this time.) Erika fingered the nametag hanging from her neck nervously.
07 July 2008 @ 08:32 pm
Characters: Kamenashi Kazuya & Akanishi Jin(ko)
Location and date: Psych Ward, around 1 PM, outside the Staff Room.
Rating: ?
Warning: ?
Summary: Kame goes on a search for his nurse to ask her for help with something very important.
Status: Completed.

Slightly anxious, Kame thought about backing down as he lingered in the hallway. The past few days had been strange for him, and he needed someone to talk to about what was on his mind. He knew later in the day Jinko would be making her rounds and would come to check on him, but he wanted to be active in this and find her on his own.

Shyly he approached a nurse he didn't know and asked if Jinko was in the staff room. She replied in the affirmative and then went inside to tell his nurse that he was waiting outside.
07 July 2008 @ 07:58 pm
Characters: Tegoshi Yuya Masuda Takahisa
Location and date: Tegoshi's room July 7th
Rating: G so far
Warning: possible kisses XD
Summary: They meet for the first time after their 2 week ban
Status: active


Tegoshi had been bored all morning. Without being allowed to go and see Massu he was finding it more and more difficult to get enough drive to leave his room. Sitting on his bed with his back against the wall he stared into space thinking of nothing as he listened to the sounds of nurses passing the doorway.
07 July 2008 @ 02:19 pm
Characters: Uchi Hiroki, Erika Toda
Location and date: Somewhere at the mall on July 7th :D
Rating: ?
Warning: ?
Summary: Buddies Talk

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06 July 2008 @ 11:17 pm
:x Gomen guys but I think I'm going to be dropping Mike from this rp. He originally was to be partners with Ryo, and since the original Ryo-mun left, I don't have anything to do with him, outside of him playing with Golf. So I'm just going to drop him from this rp. Gomen ne!

If anyone has friended him, kindly unfriend this journal as I will be using it for another rp. Thanks :D

~Tomo-mun *who I will die before dropping XD*
04 July 2008 @ 06:22 pm
Characters: Kamenashi Kazuya & Toda Erika & Akanishi Jin(ko)
Location and date: Psych Ward: Kame's room - July 4th
Rating: ?
Warning: ?
Summary: Kame's eating less again, so Erika brings him food. Then Jinko shows up...and umm...awkwardness?
Status: Completed.

When she'd read the files...Collapse )
04 July 2008 @ 03:30 pm
Characters: Domoto Koichi and Takaki Yuya
Location and date: July 4th/Psychiatric Ward (Hallway)
Rating: ?
Warning: ?
(Optional) Summary: --

Upon closing the door, Koichi stood in the hallway of the psychiatric ward, scribbling down the progress and condition of a patient who was just admitted a couple hours ago. The patient was asleep so he wasn't able to converse with the other. Rather unfortunate (because he wouldn't be able to know how the patient behave), but he could wait. That was how it usually was.

Just then, a figure entered into the hallway. He glanced over through the corner of his eyes, still scribbling. That was suddenly halted when he found who it was.

Was that...?

"Yuya-kun? Is that you?"
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