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08 January 2009 @ 09:54 pm
Characters: Kamenashi Kazuya, Toda Erika
Location and date: December 14, around 7 PM, around the city
Rating: ?
Warning: ?
Summary: Meeting again
Status: incomplete

Kame yawned, flipping open his cell phone as he checked for messages. It was funny to think that his entire time in the hospital, and even before that when he had been sick, he'd never been the type of guy to get messages all the time. Now it seemed like he couldn't go an hour without getting something from one of his friends.

He was walking home from cram school, having been excused early by the instructor since they were going over a subject Kame had just aced in his correspondence course. So now he was wandering since he had some free time, having nothing better to do just yet.
16 December 2008 @ 03:11 pm
Characters: Akanishi Jin(ko), Kamenashi Kazuya
Location and date: Breakroom
Rating: ?
Warning: ?
Summary: Head Nurse meets ex-patient
Status: incomplete

Jin wandered down the hallway, glad to be done for the moment. He was going to relax for a bit, get a nice lunch, perhaps bug Tatsuya, and then head back to work.

He checked over his clipboard as he walked, crossing off yet another name of a patient who had been treated and left. Crossing out the name reminded him of the other patients who had left. His mind wandered back to one in particular. Kame-chan. He sighed a little at the thought of the young man who had been so sweet and confused.

Worse had been how badly Toda had been after Kame had been discharged. It was sad how distraught the young nurse had been once the young man had left.

Jin wondered how Kame was doing now, out in the world, no longer locked up. He worried about the young man at times and hoped he was okay.

He entered the breakroom and made for the beverages. He started making a cup of tea. He glanced around idly as he was waiting for it to steep and froze.

16 October 2008 @ 11:02 am
-- My muns life went crazy and I got put in a box in the garage ;0;. Did I get cut here or can I move back in ;_; --
18 August 2008 @ 07:30 pm
Dropping my muse, Yabuki. Not really active here and he doesn't really rp-ed much, so I thought I should just drop him and make him free for people who'd really want to RP him. Sorry for the trouble and thanks a lot. It's been nice. :)
17 August 2008 @ 01:15 pm
*pokes head in*
^__^; aya, ryo and emi are officially back :Dv. sorry for the long hiatus everyone!
13 August 2008 @ 10:01 am
Characters: Akanishi Jin(ko), Domoto Koichi
Location and date: Psych Ward
Rating: ?
Warning: ?
Summary: Head Nurse is sent to investigate
Status: incomplete
Jin walked through the empty hallway, trying his best not to feel nervous. He hated this kind of thing. It was just like being in a horror movie.

It didn't help that a ghost chase was why he was here.

Some of the patients had been claiming to see a ghost in this part of the psych ward for a while now. They were afraid to go there. Granted it was an empty part, no patients yet, but still people were uncomfortable being there. So, being Head Nurse, Jin naturally was the one to go investigate. 

He hated this. He was scared, nervous, and he really wished he'd asked Koki to check it out instead. It was probably nothing more than one fo the patients hiding out in here being a prankster, but the area still felt scary to Jin. He just hoped that when he found whoever or whatever it was, that his scream wouldn't be too loud. That would be embarrassing.

Gripping his flashlight firmly in his hand, just in case, Jin reached the first door and slowly opened it
Characters: Yamashita Reon, Yamashita Shoon (Well, Hisoka, maybe Keiji)
Location and date: Psych ward, Reon's room. July 7, evening.
Rating: We'll start with PG-13
Warning: Fluffy Incest-ty goodness? And *coughs* whatever else they get up to.
Summary: The boys want to see eachother again. Wish granted!
Status: Incomplete

Reon was staring up at the ceiling. He'd been doing this for several minutes, blinking and frowning in concentration. Every now and then, he'd look down to add minor details to a sketch he was working on. It was almost finished. He just wanted it to be so perfect though.

The boy in the picture looked much like Reon and to anyone who wasn't part of the psych ward in some way would think it was Reon aging himself.

But it wasn't. It was a sketch of Hisoka, someone Reon was silently wishing to see. He was constantly thinking about the other. He'd distracted himself today by sneaking out to his semi-hiding place in the garden. But now he was back in his room, wishing for the other to appear. A lot of the staff gossiped about the two a lot. Hisoka (or Shoon, or Keiji, or whoever was the original personality ) was the only person in the entire ward who could touch Reon without Reon flinching, freaking out, or trying to run away.

In Reon's mind...it was magic.
11 August 2008 @ 01:03 pm
Putting Sho on semi-hiatus for a week or two since I'll be starting up a new job this week.
I know it's probably not really necessary for me to announce it since this place seems pretty dead - I just don't want to drop my muse just yet.
06 August 2008 @ 03:36 pm
Ok...I need to drop some muses! Life has just sort of blown up~...

Uhm, so I'm letting go of Takaki and Yuto, I was having a hard time doing replies and I'm really sorry for dropping before finishing logs >> I just...can't.

I'll be keeping Reon and Massu though!

Thanks you

(Hope this is ok)
18 July 2008 @ 06:38 am
Characters: Nakamaru Yuichi & Ueda Tatsuya
Location and date: General Ward
Rating: ?
Warning: ?
Summary: Ueda finds Maru near the operation room
Status: incomplete

Ueda had just finished an operation and was scrubbed clean. Now he had to go fill out the report and wait to see what would happen. With an operation such as the one he just did, there wasn't really much to worry about. There were rarely any complications. He was on his way back to his office when movement caught the corner of his eye. 

He turned his head to see the door to one of the empty operating rooms was open and there was someone standing inside. He turned and went over to the door. It was a young man in casual clothes, looking a bit lost.

"Hey!" Ueda called in his usual strict tone. "What are you doing in there?"